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Do You Know these Marvel Character Alter Egos?


Is it worth hiding your identity if you’re a super-hero? It seems the jury is out. Some do, some don’t. Of course some of these Marvel characters have been around 40, 50…even 70 years. So their identities have been revealed to different people at different times all through those years. How secret is that?

Marvel made its mark by having far more realistic people acquire powers and abilities, giving them real world problems to deal with while also saving the world every other month. They also mixed in a few heroes who simply didn’t care if their identity were known and, generally, those were the most prominent amongst them. The scientists, millionaires, and leaders who put forth a front and also provided shelter, money, and equipment to others in their line of work.

This quiz focuses on both the hiders and the ones out in the open. Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not stuck religiously to the comic book storyline and has even changed and eliminated some of those identities, where applicable, the answers will come from the comic book version. This shouldn’t be too hard for you Marvel aficionados. But if you’re a fringe fan, some could be tricky.

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