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Do You Know How These Celebrities Died?


We love our celebs, don’t we? We love them, we love hating them, we love trashing them, we love trolling them – but the one thing that we don’t love is when these celebs die. We fall in love with these men and women – sometimes it’s their life story that we took solace in. Sometimes it’s a song they sang that fit perfectly with what we were going through. Other times it’s a character or a role they played that stuck with us.

Whatever be the cause, as is with all human beings and living things on earth, their celestial story comes to an end. It’s easier to swallow it when the passing is brought on by age and it’s simply their time to go. However, many of the celebs in this list have gone before their time – in tragic incidents, freak accidents, and sometimes even by their own hands.

Fame is not everyone’s brand of poison and many celebs have gone down the much familiar road of drugs, despair, and finally, death. Did they die from a cocktail of drugs that were taken on an inadvertent binge or were they ingested seeking ultimate freedom? We don’t really know.

So take the quiz and see if you know how these famous celebrities died. You may ace the quiz or fail it, but you will get a peek into their bittersweet life stories.

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