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Do These 25 Hot Stars Have Kids?


There is major societal pressure for women to have children once they reach a certain age or stage in their lives. In fact, this is a pressure that can’t even be avoided by Hollywood’s elite. Regardless of how successful an actress is or how many blockbuster films she has under her belt, it seems like there is always pressure from the media to have children. When an actress is seen sitting next to another celebrity, the media immediately begins speculating about their budding romance. If an actress happens to have a big lunch, she is automatically dubbed as having a baby bump and there are inevitably a series of photos with giant arrows pointing to her non-existent belly.

While people are constantly trying to push a family onto their favorite female celebrities, there are some that somehow dodged the bullet. Whether they were just unlucky in love, made a conscious decision not to have children, or they, unfortunately, had a medical condition, it’s surprising just how many starlets don’t have children. With the media attention surrounding the personal lives of celebrities, sometimes the children garner more interest than their parents. Children can also rank up the celebrity status of their parents and sometimes, they can even surpass their parents to become an even bigger deal than their family members. While you may think you know everything there is to know about your favorite celebrities, sometimes parts of their personal lives can remain hidden. Check out our quiz on whether or not these hot celebs have children and see how well you truly know these starlets behind-the-scenes.

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