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Did You Know These Movies Were Based On True Stories?


The phrase, or title card, “Based on a true story” is thrown around so loosely, one might actually believe a film about a bizarre, giant moth-like creature warned of a bridge collapse in West Virginia. This, of course, is a reference to the book and subsequent film adaptation of The Mothman Prophecies. Of course, if such a supernatural event could be proven as “true,” it would cause such a fracture in the scientific community that every supposed paranormal or extraterrestrial encounter would have to be re-evaluated. Said Mothman would be tracked down for experimentation or, if it could speak our language, at least an interview about its psychic abilities.

Hollywood loves to pretend their fiction has some basis in fact. Movies about alien encounters such as Communion and Fire in the Sky come with a label claiming they’re factual re-tellings of events. In reality, they’re based on shaky eyewitness accounts and those of admitted paranoid schizophrenics. So liberal is Hollywood with the term that they had to invent a new one, just to avoid confusion with reality. Now, films are “inspired by a true story.” Such films riff on ideas or incidents, using them as a springboard for original stories. The Law & Order television franchise is especially guilty of this – taking recent headlines and turning them into byzantine, outrageous murder stories (just this week, Dick Wolf’s new empire that seeks to overtake all of Chicago debuted its latest show – Chicago Justice – with a riff on the Pizzagate stories).

But how well do you separate fact from fiction? Take the quiz and find out, or just to learn a few neat facts you never knew about your favourite films.

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