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Did These WWE Hall Of Famers Ever Win The World Championship?


Although sports entertainment is scripted, the many superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment can still appreciate the thrill of hearing they’ve performed a job well done. To an active wrestler, nothing beats the experience of getting told you’re about to win the WWE Championship, or other top title, depending on what promotion you happen to work for. Once a wrestler reaches retirement age, the belts become significantly less important, and their attention turns to an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

As of 2017, 164 individual men and women have been forever honored as the most unforgettable sports entertainers in WWE history. This may not seem like a gigantic number considering how many people have wrestled in general, but it looks a bit bigger with the knowledge there are more than three times as many Hall of Famers as there are former WWE Champions.

The ratio goes down a little when we consider the WCW, NWA, and AWA Championships as equivalent achievements, and yet it remains somewhat surprising how few former World Champions are in the Hall of Fame over all. Find out if it the difference matters to you personally by taking our quiz and testing your knowledge on whether or not these WWE Hall of Famers ever won a World Championship.

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