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Did These Horror Movie Characters Die Or Survive?


Horror movies, by their very nature, often end with a huge body count. Characters are killed in countless grisly ways by everything from psychotic humans and undead zombies to unseen entities and extraterrestrial monsters – but not everybody ends up dead.

There are some unwritten horror movie rules (and stereotypes, you might say) that suggest the likes of children and virgins survive them, while jocks and anybody having sex dies – but, again, that’s not necessarily always the case. As for the killers themselves? Well, that’s anybody’s guess.

The question is: How good is your knowledge of who died and who survived in some of Hollywood’s most memorable horror franchises? In this quiz, we’re going to find out, as you tell us if these horror movie characters died or survived.

This is fiendishly difficult in parts – you have been warned – and you’ll have to really know your horror to perform well, as it covers a plethora of horror sub-genres spanning six decades. And please note that the correct answer will be that of the character’s ultimate fate in their respective franchise, not just their fate in their first appearance. So, if Halloween’s Laurie Strode was in this quiz, the answer would be “Died” as she fell to her death after being stabbed by Michael Myers in 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection, in spite of the fact she survived several movies before that. Good luck!

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