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Can You Tell The Friends Season Just By Looking At A Screenshot?


Friends had a long run! We got to enjoy the antics of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler for a total of ten seasons. Throughout those ten seasons, the characters changed a lot. The group of friends went through a lot together. They had various relationships, they moved in and out of apartments (with someone always living in the awesome purple-walled apartment, of course). Obviously, as the years ticked by on the show, things went in and out of fashion. Hairstyles changed and different items of clothing became popular. To figure out which season these screenshots belong to, you’ll have to pay close attention to the details. What are the characters wearing? Do you remember when Rachel wore her hair that way? You also might need to pay attention to the love interests that are featured. Can you remember when they were introduced? There are also various important events that will be featured, do you remember if those things happened early on in the show, or later?

Let’s see how well you paid attention when you were watching Friends. Have you just recently binge-watched it? You might find it a bit tough to separate the seasons from one another. Look at the screenshots closely, you’re sure to get at least a few correct. Good luck! If you get at least 20 questions right out of 25, you’ll finally know for sure that you’re a true Friends fan.

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