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Can You Score 100% On This Optical Illusions Quiz?


Have you ever been driving and in the distance the road seems to disappear, or you see the land where you think the road should be? Only to find out when you get closer that the road curves. This is a type of optical illusion using perspective. We are all fascinated with how our mind processes images and how it can see things that aren’t there. Think of optical illusions as a roller coaster for your eyes and brain.

So, what is an optical illusion anyway? This is an illusion caused by the visual system, which is part of the central nervous system and gives us the ability to process visual detail. It detects and interprets information to build an image. In an “Optical Illusion”, your brain perceives an image that is not reality. There are three main types of optical illusions, literal, physiological, and cognitive illusions.

As a child that grew up in the 80’s, I remember seeing kiosks in the mall with pictures that everyone would stare at to see a hidden image. No matter how many times I tried, I was never able to see anything. If you could, then an internet high five to you. These optical illusions are called a stereo-gram, which is a computer-generated image that gives a three-dimensional representation of a solid object or surface. The world of optical illusions is vast and a fun visual journey for those that try it.

In this quiz, your eyes and mind will be faced with different types of optical illusions. Some may make you think, “there is no way”, but I promise they’re real. Do you think you can score 100%? Give it a try, and share with your friends to challenge them.

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