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Can You Remember What These Harry Potter Spells Do?


We all wish we could have a magic wand that might make our lives easier. Just wave it around and get that laundry done. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Honestly, we’d wish for a magic wand just so we didn’t have to make our beds every morning. What a chore! Or maybe that’s a task for a House Elf? We’d rather not hold cute elves hostage to do our household chores, though. Fair wages for all magical creatures!

The Harry Potter universe is filled with all kinds of spells. It might seem like they’d be easy to remember but some of them are bound to be forgotten. There are some pretty obscure charms that aren’t going to be a piece of cake to figure out.

All the Hermiones out there, who’ve studied the wizarding world like mad, might be able to score at least a 20/25. But we bet there are some Rons out there who don’t remember a thing. Put down the chocolate frogs and get ready for some spell-binding trivia. What do all the following Harry Potter spells do? Will it be easy to figure out?

Give it a go and report back to all those social media BFFs. Dazzle those buddies who also love Harry Potter with some supreme knowledge of HP spell casting. Brag about it a little bit. Share those results on social media! Passing an O.W.L? No problem! As long as it’s related to casting charms and spells. Good luck! You might just need it. Is there a spell for that? Hmmm….

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