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Can You Name Your Favorite Childhood Toys?


Walking the aisles of practically any toy store nowadays, I find myself thinking, “Wow, I wish I had all of these toys when I was growing up!” But the truth is, we adults had some pretty great choices of playthings, too (albeit much less technologically-advanced). But still.

Maybe your youth was just a few years ago, or maybe it has been decades. Hell, maybe you have not even turned 20 and are thus technically still a teenager, but have not played with the things that entertained you as a child for years. Whatever your stage in life, the following quiz of toys from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s will test your memory. From toys that you would have to be mind-numbingly stupid (or have amnesia) not to know the name of, to toys that you know you know, and you know you even played with, but what the hell it was called is at the tip of your tongue (thank goodness for multiple choice!). Some you probably even forgot existed, at all! I know I did.

So, how well do you remember these toys from your childhood years? Ignore the sense of nostalgia sure to overcome you when you see each toy, and try to concentrate and ace this quiz. Trust me, doing so will make you feel closer to your youth than you have in, perhaps, a very long time.

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