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Can You Name This Wrestler’s Finisher?


A wrestler’s finisher can define the wrestler. It can be what separates a jobber and a star. It can be the little bump of extra coolness that breaks a star out into superstar status. Most importantly, it is the thing that entices¬†the wrestler to the audience and can be busted out when needed to reliably pop the crowd. A finisher needs to look cool. It needs to be possible to pull it off against all comers. You need to be able to do it to both Kalisto and Braun Strowman. And it needs to fit the character.

This quiz asks you to name each wrestler’s finishing maneuver. Some of these superstars used different finishers under different names over the course of their careers. In those cases, the answer will be whatever their most well known finisher was during their WWE years. Also, these answers will all be finishing moves, not signature moves. Some wrestlers may have a signature move they use in their matches, but if they don’t consistently end their matches with it, it won’t be considered their finisher. This quiz covers stars and some lesser known WWE Superstars from the past several generations. You think you know the WWE Universe? Take this quiz and find out just how hardcore of a fan you really are.

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