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Can You Name These Simpsons Side Characters?


The Simpsons is the longest running American sitcom and animated television show. The show has been on the air as its own series since December 17, 1989 and they haven’t looked back. Following the lives of the Simpson family, millions of viewers have watched for almost 30 years to see what kind of crazy adventures they would get into each week.

The Simpsons each had their own personality traits of which viewers can’t seem to get enough! Bart is the wild one of the bunch with an overwhelming love of getting on certain adults nerves, including his father. Lisa is a kind, highly intelligent and artistic young lady with an old soul. Maggie is the pacifier-sucking baby who is not yet talking, but that doesn’t stop her from doing some very clever things. Homer is a well-meaning but somewhat slow witted dad, while Marge is the mom with a huge heart to match her hair style.

But in addition to the main cast that we’ve all come to know and love, there have been several side characters through the years that have made something of an impression on the viewers. While you may know them when you see them, naming them is something else. Can you name all 25 of these iconic side characters from The Simpsons?

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