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Can You Name This Famous Homewrecker?


Hollywood is the land of dream chasers, love takers, heart breakers and especially homewreckers. For every happy couple out there, there are about ten disastrous ones. After all, the average lifespan of a celebrity couple can be counted in months, rather than years. Some break-ups are tenderhearted, but most are out and out battles. And since all is fair in love and war, there is generally a homewrecker in the mix that is somehow responsible.

We want to test your knowledge of modern day Hollywood history. Can you remember all the couples? Can you remember all the homewreckers? Can you remember all the rebounds? We have 25 once-happy couples, and we want you to name the homewrecker that ended it all. Put your thinking caps on, and don’t Google it! And watch out for repeat offenders, because there are plenty of them.

And just so you know, there are no freebies here. We are not going to ask you who broke up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, because that would be way too easy. But we will give you a bonus point at the end if you can name all of the mistresses Tiger Woods had when he was married to Elin Nordegrin!

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