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Can You Name These Zelda Characters?


Legends are everywhere these days. Full of tales of amazing fantasy and breathtaking worlds, legends are stories that captivate us, typically involving an epic evil and an underdog hero.

Of all the legends this world has to tell, few have reached the heights of The Legend of Zelda. The fictional world of Hyrule has been packed to the brim with stories, lore, and a constant narrative that pits Ganon against the reincarnated Hero of the gods: Link. This epic struggle has taken place over countless generations and multiple timelines. The legend still continues today, with new tales and additions being made to its ever-expanding lore.

In each incarnation of the world of Hyrule, there have always been others who either help Link or deter him. This fictional setting is far from barren and lonely. Many creatures from talking dragons to Deku Scrubs are littered in every corner, just waiting to impact this legendary tale. There is no end to the amount of characters that Hyrule has to offer, and with the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild just hitting store shelves, there are plenty more to look at.

If you’re familiar with these characters, then feel free to continue and take this quiz. If not, you’ll be looking at a Game Over screen.

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