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Can You Name These X-Men Villains?


The X-Men have been around on the big screen longer than the MCU have, and have an even longer history in the comics. Starring a school of gifted youngsters led by the morally ambiguous Charles Xavier is still one of the more interesting stories that Marvel has to offer. Full of twists, turns, mutants, humans, and all kinds of villains, there’s plenty for each reader to love.

Due to the nature of the X-Men, there are a near endless number of mutants that have appeared, and no shortage will come any time soon. However, their presence alone invites challenge, and there are plenty of mutants and humans alike who dislike the X-Men and seek to destroy them.

Many villains have appeared in many different forms over the years. They have been former allies corrupted by the darkness within, they are idealistic mutants who believe that they should rule the world. There are some who feel that only the strong survive and personally attempt to bring the world into a new age. If there’s some kind of moral extreme, you can be sure the X-Men have dealt with it one time or another.

But how familiar are you with these many X-Men villains? Can you name the ones we’ve selected today?

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