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Can You Name These Video Game Swordsmen?


Video games provide a wide range of scenarios to choose from. Sometimes you’re required to take everyone down with your fists, other times you have to use some kind of super power. However, nothing beats the times where you pull out a good ol’ fashioned sword and challenge your greatest foe to a one on one duel.

Swordsmen in video games are a dime a dozen these days, and anybody you ask could name at least five off the top of their head (if they play games, that is). The idea of having characters wield swords has even spawned its own fighting game series, Soul Calibur.

Many of these swordsmen have gruff and isolated personalities, and that’s likely because of the things they’ve seen and the kind of training it takes in order to master the sword. Many swordsmen have been through horrible experiences, and while we feel for them, we’re thankful that they became strong warriors as a result.

If you like the art of the sword and playing video games, then you might stand a chance with this quiz. If not, you yourself might need to go through some training. Can you name these video game swordsmen?

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