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Can You Name These Underrated Disney Characters?


Think about all the movies you have ever watched, and all the characters and cast in that particular movie. I’m sure there were many characters that you had liked, and wish the story embellished more on them and their past but instead, those characters played a smaller role in the grand scheme of the film. Some of these minuscule role characters end up doing things in these films that either end up saving the day, or allow the movie to end the way it does. It always seems to be the underrated ones who end up coming out on top more often than not, which totally fits the underdog archetype. You’ll probably be amazed at how many of these overshadowed characters sit within many of these Disney stories

This list today is going to look at some of the top Disney characters that we feel are overshadowed and underrated. It’s not like all of them are super unknown or anything, but you may not recognize some of these characters right away, because some of them weren’t always the sidekick of the main character, or a part of the main cast of characters in these films. Some of these characters had a very minimal role, with some receiving barely any screen time, which we wish Disney would’ve changed!

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