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Can You Name These Teen Titans?


When there’s trouble, you know who to call.

The Teen Titans have been one of the most beloved superhero teams ever since they received their own show on Cartoon Network several years ago (that has since been horribly butchered). Nevertheless, this team of young superheroes and former sidekicks remains one of the most compelling aspects of the DC Universe, and is constantly being used in animation and comics.

Usually led by the aloof Robin, the Teen Titans is not a team of pushovers. Having a combination of speedsters, aliens, and combat experts, even they can take down some of DC’s tougher foes. A few times, they’ve even gone up against their superiors: the Justice League and managed to deal some damage in that time.

The Titans have been around for a very long time, and like all good superhero teams, they’ve had rotating rosters for years that allows for some familiar faces and daring newcomers to all have a spot on the team. This allows some unsung heroes to finally get their chance in the spotlight, and it almost always has good results (just stay away from¬†Teen Titans GO!).

With so many members of the team, we were wondering if you could name these members. Can you name the Teen Titans?

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