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Can You Name These Star Wars Planets?


When you think of vast galaxies with a glorious number of planets, your mind might be immediately taken to Star Wars. This famous sci-fi franchise boasts one of the largest fictional universes ever created. It seems that with each new story, a host of new planets are introduced, complete with their own species and backstories. These various planets often lead to some of the most pivotal moments in the legacy of that world.

What makes this even more impressive is how each planet seems to have its own distinct identity that sets it apart from every other planet in the galaxy. Yeah you may have a lava planet and a snow planet, but the nuances are so much deeper than that. With each different element, there are different creatures that live and different challenges to overcome. In a way, it’s kind of like an open world game made into a movie.

Because so many of these planets exist, remembering each and every one of them is only something that the Star Wars nuts are prepared to do. However, we’d like to invite everyone to take this challenge and see where their skills lie in remembering the settings of this franchise.

Can you name these Star Wars planets?

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