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Can You Name These Star Wars Characters?


I’ll go ahead and say it: Star Wars is an immortal franchise. Ever since its release instantly put it in the history books, there will never be a new entry in the series that people won’t be excited for. Exploring a war set deep in interstellar space is something that continues to captivate us to this day.

Make no mistake, though, as this fictional galaxy is vast. Countless books, comics, movies, videogames, and TV shows have all told stories in this world, introducing more characters and backstory for us to sink our teeth into. Over the thousands of years, there is so much that has happened in the galaxy far far away, and there’s no sign of that stopping.

Because of how massive this world is, you could only imagine how many different characters were created and introduced. Some of them were awfully forgettable, but when a good one was introduced, it really sticks in the minds of the fans. This quiz that you’re about to take is a celebration of everything that has made Star Wars great to this day, and will help you to recollect all of your favorite moments and scenes. Don’t worry, there are still some tough questions to answer (particularly from the Expanded Universe).

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