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How Well Do You Know Seinfeld’s Side Characters?


Seinfeld is an American sitcom that created a huge fan base throughout its nine seasons on the air, despite being “a show about nothing.” The main character, Jerry Seinfeld, was featured in the series, along with bits from his stand-up comedy shows and the antics of his friends. While Kramer, Elaine and George Costanza were the other main characters in the series, there were also a number of other side characters that either had recurring parts or were memorable enough to viewers to create their own infamy in the series. While the series wasn’t an instant success in regards to ratings, it quickly grew to be thought of as one of the most successful television shows of all time.

Many of the main characters in the series went on to bigger and better things, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus who became an Emmy award-winning actress for her role in Veep. However, it wasn’t just the main characters that went on to continued success. With the show featuring a variety of side characters, there are many that were highlighted in Seinfeld early on in their career and went on to have furthered success in other television shows and films. It’s interesting to see how many acclaimed actors and actresses that have been featured in episodes of Seinfeld and even more interesting to see where they first started out. Check out our quiz on the side characters in Seinfeld and see if you can name these little-known characters from their days on this hit NBC sitcom.

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