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Can You Name These Secondary Harry Potter Characters?


If you’ve had countless daydreams about receiving a coveted invitation to Hogwarts or fantasized about joining Harry and the gang, then chances are you’re someone who has read (and re-read) the Harry Potter series and watched every movie made in the franchise.

While even the most casual fan will know the difference between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy or know the full names of the Weasley clan, only the most devoted fan will know the more obscure characters. Think that’s you? We challenge you to a quiz to find out your status as a Potterhead.

Each slide will include a photograph — yes, we are kind enough to give you a visual cue — and a teaser hint about the character’s role in the series. Maybe it’ll reference a special scene they’re in, maybe it will cite a unique characteristic or maybe it’ll mention the exact book/movie they appeared in. Just don’t expect to be quizzed on someone basic like Dumbledore, Voldemort, or Hagrid.

Pass this quiz along to your fellow muggles and wizards to see how well they do. Or share this on social media to show off your Harry Potter knowledge and earn bragging rights.

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