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Can You Name These World Famous Criminals?


In this fame-obsessed world, it seems that even criminals have the goal of trying to make their name live on in infamy. In fact, criminals have become aware that regardless of how heinous their crime, the world becomes enthralled with all of the details surrounding their acts. One of the most famous cases involving criminal acts seeking out attention involves the man, John Hinckley Jr. After becoming obsessed with Jodie Foster through her portrayal in the 1976 film, Taxi Driver, he sought out to assassinate the then-President, Ronald Reagan. This assassination attempt was Hinckley’s way of trying to gain Foster’s attention, but instead, it captured the attention of the rest of the world while leaving Foster horrified.

Understanding that many criminals have relished in their subsequent fame due to their crimes, many news outlets have made the decision not to bestow “posthumous glorification.” Many have made this decision after seeing how some outlets were publishing images from Isis propaganda products. Yet, this isn’t just limited to terrorist organizations. Rather than publishing the photos and information regarding the criminals, many news outlets have decided to focus on the lives of the victims. With the victims often being overlooked after a particularly heinous crime, news outlets have tried to get away from giving fame to the criminals after they’ve been captured or killed. However, the world can’t help to be curious over the details of certain crimes or the reasons behind why someone would be able to commit horrific atrocities all over the world. Whether you’re a crime junkie or you just have a great memory when it comes to high-profile news stories, check out our quiz and see if you can name these real-life famous criminals over the years.

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