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Can You Name These Pokemons’ Evolutions?


There is so much to the Pokemon franchise that it should probably become a college major. Depending on how much you’re into the games, you’ll either be one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet, or you’ll still think that every little creature is some variant of Pikachu.

A trademark aspect of the series that many people (in the universe itself) have studied is evolution. It has perplexed many Pokemon researchers, as many of them don’t understand why it occurs or what constitutes different methods of evolution. Sometimes a Pokemon will naturally evolve once it reaches a certain level, but other times you need to teach it a certain move or trade it while holding a particular item.

If every Pokemon evolved by leveling up, the games would be much more repetitive in the long run. This changes up the gameplay and strategy a bit.

With that said, there are numerous evolutions in the Pokemon universe. Are you familiar with them? Could you name these Pokemons’ evolutions?

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