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Can You Name These Pokemon From Sun And Moon?


Another generation, another new group of Pokemon to collect and name. Pokemon is bigger than ever thanks to the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. While the initial popularity of it has since died off, there’s plenty of love going around for these little critters and their respective games. If you haven’t heard of it by now, you’re probably living under a rock.

When Pokemon starts to rise in social buzz, an interesting thing occurs. You have the people who have been fans for years flocking to the stores as well as their Nintendo handhelds. Then you have the people that just jump on the train because it’s interesting or everybody else is doing it. Those people quickly get disillusioned after some time, and it’s those people that probably aren’t playing the games now.

It’s because of those people why we like to test your knowledge. You can sing to the heavens about how much of a Pokemon fan you are, but unless you can bring the knowledge to the table, who will really believe you?

There are over 80 new creatures to collect in Pokemon Sun and Moon, some more memorable than others. Can you name 25 of them? Also, don’t expect to see any starters or box art legendaries on this list.

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