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Can You Name These Movie Monsters?


People these days are into all kinds of horror movies, but if you want my advice, stop looking forward to what’s coming, and turn your attention to what has come. While they’re not as great today, monster movies were once the pinnacle of horror stories and defined the nightmares that we could experience through film. Now we just have bombastic blockbusters that debut in the summer.

Still, monster movies used to be the most horrifying experiences you could ever watch. Made real through some great acting, excellent music, and beautiful special effects, there seemed to be no person that a good monster movie couldn’t scare to some degree. Anyone who’s watched any of the highlights probably knows this firsthand.

Monster movies have been a tradition since the 1920s- before people started talking in motion pictures. Once they found their footing, they’ve only become more popular. Unfortunately, they’ve since died out in quality, but that doesn’t mean we don’t remember them well. So many classic movie monsters came out in the span of several decades, and they’re all excellent in their own right. But how many do you know?

Are you a true cinephile? Can you name these movie monsters?

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