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Can You Name These Low Budget Movies From A Screenshot?


In this age of multi-million dollar blockbuster movies and insanely high salaries paid to some actors, you may forget we’re in an age of austerity. However, for the vast majority of the film market, there is normally no large vat of cash sitting around to pull from, nor has there ever been. But this hasn’t stopped some of the finest movies of recent years from getting produced on an extremely constrained, shoe-string budget, and in some, literally the most bare bones budget!

I actually reckon filmmaking thrives with lower budgets because that means more innovative ideas, and as a result, more engaging movies. To verify this, right here is certainly a list of what we consider to be be 50 of the greatest movies produced for under $10 million, which is a pretty low budget by Hollywood standards.

This quiz is to see if you can name these modern day B grade movies from a simple screenshot. All of these films have very low budgets in terms of the film itself.

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