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Can You Name These Legendary Pokemon?


Pokemon is all about exploration. As you move through each world, you are tasked with discovering new creatures on different routes. You are encouraged to take the beaten path in hopes of finding a rare Pokemon that you wouldn’t normally encounter. It’s about as fun as it sounds, with many players making it their goal to collect all of the Pokemon a particular region.

Sometimes, exploration will reward you with big things. In each Pokemon game, there are powerful and special Pokemon hidden throughout the world. These creatures are called legendary Pokemon, and they hold truly amazing abilities. Because of their rarity, there are some of the most desired creatures to come out of the franchise. You’d be foolish not to scour every inch of the region to find and capture them for your team.

With each new generation of Pokemon, more legendaries are introduced. Each one has their own backstory and method of obtaining. Some legendaries are so rare that you won’t be able to receive them by normal means and will have to wait for an event to find them. They’re all unique, and with so many, it’s a lot of information to remember. We want to see how much you know.

Can you name these legendary Pokemon?

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