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Can You Name These Jedi?


With Star Wars comes the Jedi. They can go hand in hand, and one would not be able to exist without the other. It’s a good thing too, as the Jedi have led to some of the greatest stories ever told and continue to fill us with dreams and images of interstellar wonder. Since Luke Skywalker’s transformation from a boy with no future to a Jedi Knight, we’ve been enamored with these Force sensitive individuals ever since.

Because they live in a universe so massive, there have been countless Jedi that have existed. For thousands of years, Force users have been roaming the galaxy, for good or for evil. Even in the days of the Old Republic, the number of the Jedi was almost too much to be counted.

Knowing that there are so many Jedi that have appeared in the films, video games, TV shows, and comics, we chose to make another fun quiz about it. How much of a Star Wars nerd are you? We’re putting your skills to the test with this quiz. Can you name all of these Jedi?

Just a hint before you begin: there are some really easy ones, but there are a few that will stump the majority who take this quiz.

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