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Can You Name These Hot Reality Stars?


There was once a time when being on a hit sitcom was the only real way to gain fame and notoriety on television, unless you were lucky enough to get casted on a made-for-TV movie. Yet, reality television has changed all of that and has given rise to a number of celebrities that would never have been known if not for reality TV. From MTV’s The Real World to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, reality TV has become a staple in people’s lives. While it isn’t exactly as reputable as other roles in the entertainment industry, it has been a factor in catapulting people into the world of fame and celebrity. Even if you aren’t a reality television fan, it’s inevitable that you have become aware of some reality television characters just by simply not living under a rock.

Reality TV stars have gone on to become well-established actresses, world famous supermodels and even highly respected figures. Whether it’s their latter roles in film or portrayals in brand endorsement deals, it’s inevitable that you have become accustomed to seeing these reality stars outside of their original series. In fact, it’s probably possible that you could recognize a number of reality TV stars just by seeing a photo of them, even if it doesn’t show their face. From the reality TV show novice to the expert that loves all shows that delve into the world of reality TV, there are some reality celebrities that are just known to all. Check out our quiz on whether or not you can name these hot reality stars and see where you land on the reality show skill set.

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