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Can You Name These Forgotten Disney Films?


Disney is the behemoth when it comes to creating entertainment that defines your childhood. No matter who you ask, somebody remembers some Disney film from their earlier years. For me, The Lion King and Aladdin were the movies that I watched over and over again. Kids today have titles like Moana and Frozen to get invested in. The point being that Disney is a large train of quality family friendly movies that seems to never stop.

However, most companies that do really well often buckle under the weight of their own success. They become cocky in their abilities and decide to do whatever they want because they can. Disney has fallen prey to this as well, releasing many movies that have simply not stood the test of time. For some, it’s because the movies were genuinely awful and nobody wants to talk about them. For others, they were simply overshadowed by other popular Disney films.

Whatever the reasoning, we can all agree that there a lot of Disney movies that nobody remembers anymore. If you asked somebody about Fantasia, not as many people will recognize it now.

As we do on this website, we want to see who among you have the best memories.

Can you name these forgotten Disney films?

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