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Can You Name These Final Fantasy Characters?


Out of all of their franchises, Square Enix really struck gold when it came to Final Fantasy. This sometimes turn-based RPG has proven to be one of the most well-designed franchises of the entire genre. Each new entry in the series is heavily anticipated by fans and casual gamer alike, and the name itself is as common as can be.

What makes Final Fantasy so different from the rest of its competition is that they’re not trying to tell one story across multiple games. Instead, each game in the series is set in its own world with its own characters and story to tell. Because of this, there are so many worlds to get lost in like Spira, Balamb, and Alexandra. While this decision might seem confusing at first, it gives the writers full creative freedom whenever they’re designing the new game.

On top of having so many worlds and stories, the Final Fantasy games are rich with characters. From lowly mages to fierce warriors, every type of personality has had a place in this franchise. Each game familiarizes you with different warriors who will then take you from the start of the game to the final boss. Only diehard fans could possibly remember them all.

What about you? Can you name these Final Fantasy characters?

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