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Can You Name These Female Cartoon Characters?


I find it very peculiar that there are so many great female cartoon characters that really add something special to the show that they star in, like Dexter’s sister in Dexter’s Laboratory for example, or maybe even Eliza Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys, that people have forgotten about or pushed aside. The idea of this quiz is to pinpoint and see how many of these great female cartoon characters you can actually remember, regardless of how big of a role that they played in their respective shows or cartoons. There really isn’t a cartoon or show in this list that goes really far out there and points out an irrelevant female cartoon character.

With any cartoon show or series, you’re always going to have the upfront, main characters that everyone can relate with. But sometimes many shows need filler characters or backup characters in order to help push the cast or even divert attention. The list of female characters in this quiz goes over many female characters that you may not remember, who played lesser roles in the films, cartoons, or series that they played in. Although some might have had major roles, they might be a bit before your time, so you might not be as quick to remember them. Can you name these 50 female cartoon characters?

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