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Can You Name These Exes From Friends?


The show Friends had a pretty long run. The television sitcom started in 1994 and revolved around a group of friends that lived in Manhattan, New York. Each episode ran for about twenty minutes and there was a total of 236 episodes. That’s a whole lot of time to introduce a bevy of shenanigans. What were a bunch of young-ish people going to do for 236 episodes? Obviously, romantic entanglements happen.

There are relationships between the main characters that are off and on, constantly. When we think of Friends, naturally, we think of Ross and Rachel. But the Friends didn’t only just date each other. The show included a ton of guest stars over the years that played short-lived love interests. We’ve included some of our favorites in this quiz. With ten seasons, there were no doubt a lot of partners that came and went. Can you remember their names? We bet they’ll look familiar and you’ll probably even recognize the actors or actresses who played them. But do you have the memory to recall the specific names of these ex-lovers?

You’ll be shown each Friends ex and you’ll have to remember their name. Let’s see how well you can remember this TV show from the ’90s. Good luck! Don’t forget to share your results via social media. You’ll want to challenge your friends to see if they can beat your score.

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