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Can You Name These Dragon Ball Characters?


The Dragon Ball Z franchise is one of the longest-standing franchises to date. The show has been going on longer than Pokemon, and the series has inspired many movies and games that are fun to watch and fun to play. The series has easily grown a cult following, and unless they die out, the franchise isn’t going anywhere. There’s something to love about the story of Goku and how his world progresses with each passing villain and milestone.

Because the series has gone on so long, the writers have constantly introduced new characters and brought them into the fold. Some are new allies for Goku to fight beside; others are brutal villains that either get worse as the show goes on, or end up turning to the side of good. No matter how you look at it, there’s plenty to keep track of.

Each new character has their own nuance, whether it be in their appearance, abilities, or personality. No two characters in the franchise are the same, which probably makes them more interesting as a result. However, we’d still like to put your Dragon Ball knowledge to the test and see how many of these characters you can name. Are you ready?

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