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Can You Name These Different Versions of Spider-Man?


Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s best and most loved superheroes. From his wall crawling abilities to his tendency to crack jokes at the 4th wall, there are plenty of things to love about Peter Parker. His stories have gone down as some of the best in comic book history, and when done properly, the crowd goes wild.

Because of his popularity, Marvel has greatly expanded on the lore of the world. One way they did this was through the Spider-Verse event. This comic story saw multi-dimensional villains going to different worlds and targeting different versions of Spider-Man. In order to combat them, all of the Spider-Men banded together (under the leadership of Earth 616 Spider-Man) in order to take them down.

Throughout this story, many unique and original Spider-Men were introduced. Many of them have left a lasting impression and as such have resurfaced over the years. They’re not the first time Marvel decided to introduce a new Spider-Man though. There are several instances before Spider-Verse where a new incarnation of Peter Parker has swung through the panels. There’s quite a bit to remember, so we expect you to be on your A game.

Can you name these different versions of Spider-Man?

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