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Are You A Batman Freak? Name His Enemies


Out of all the superheroes, Batman is one of the most recognizable. Even before comic book movies became really big, everyone was familiar with the Dark Knight. His adventures in Gotham City have captivated many readers and have lent themselves to many amazing shows, games, movies, and books.

But a hero is only as good as his villains, and Batman has a plethora of memorable ones. Often regarded as the best rogues gallery for any superhero, it’s unlikely that you’d ever find someone who wouldn’t know a single one of them. Over the years, the villains have only been more explored and fleshed out, which makes them all the more interesting. That said, characterization doesn’t make the actions of any of them excusable.

The roster of Batman villains has only grown over the years, and there are literally tens of hundreds of them. Like most things of this magnitude, it is difficult to keep track of even half of them. If you’re getting ready to go see The Lego Batman Movie, you’ll have to ace a quiz like this in order to know all of the villains that show up in the first ten minutes of the film. Let’s see who the real Batman fans are.

Can you name the villains of the Caped Crusader?

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