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Can You Name These 1st Gen Pokemon?


Gotta catch em all!

That was the tagline back when Pokemon first became a thing in the late 90s. These little creatures were introduced along the release of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green, as well as having a nice little anime that has one of the greatest theme songs in cartoon history. Many of these products served as people’s first introduction into the world of Pokemon, and because of this, they look back very fondly.

Now there’s over 800 different creatures to catch throughout all of the games, but it all started with the original 151. These Pokemon are often considered the “elite” and the best designs the series has ever created. While this could be argued, there’s no denying that the late 90s had some really cool Pokemon for us to find and discover.

However, as people get older, they begin to forget the names of the creatures they once held so dear to their hearts. They see more Pokemon getting made and the love of their team of six just passes. Because of this, there aren’t a lot of people that remember the first generation like they used to, but we want to find out who among you still can.

It’s Who’s That Pokemon? just like it was back in the day. Can you name these first generation Pokemon?

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