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Can You Name The Zombie Film?


Zombies have been a staple of the horror genre as long as it has been in existence – or at least the undead were. But only in the 60s did they become the shambling, flesh-craving monsters we know and love today. Unlike other subgenres, zombies have never fallen from popularity. Our fascination and terror with the concept of our former loved ones returning from the grave as mindless cannibals has never waned.

Zombies are best utilized as metaphors, especially since there’s only so much terror you can squeeze out of the tired concept of a mass hoard. And in the past, the hoard has been used as commentary on the civil rights movement, class warfare, consumer culture, the military-industrial complex and countless other aspects of society. In lesser films, they attract the fangoria crowd – audiences that just want to watch cannibalism onscreen.

It’s no surprise that the zombie phenomenon is based, in part, on fact. In Haiti, a powerful drug compound mixed with the poison from a pufferfish can make one appear dead – this has since been used in movies when a character needs to fake his own death. When they “return to life,” the real-life zombies are fairly open to suggestion. Haitian legend has claimed these zombies have essentially been forced into slave labour.

However you like your zombies – slow, fast, metaphor, or just violent killing machines – there’s no doubt they’re going to invade the box office regularly for the foreseeable future. So how well do you know the genre? Take the quiz to find out.

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