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Can You Name The Vampire Film?


Vampires have been a part of nearly every country’s lore, myth, and superstition for centuries, but never really cemented themselves in modern North America until Bram Stoker’s seminal novel Dracula. Though like any mythical creature, the rules always change from generation to decade to country. One of the least used ways to destroy or at least repel a conventional vampire is running water. Only one film in recent memory has taken advantage of the old myth. But even the staples of garlic, crosses, and sunlight change from story to story. In Stoker’s novel, sunlight doesn’t kill Dracula, but rather just weakens his abilities – abilities that also include lycanthropy.

We’re in a period torn between two kinds of vampire myth. The nonsensical, Twilight-inspired vampire (it’s worth noting that author Stephanie Meyer admitted to having never read Dracula and it shows – Twilight seems more inspired by her strict Mormonism) and the vicious, feral vampires of the hard-R fiction. The 80s had a similar division between a more humorous take on the creatures and the terror-fueled. Nevertheless, the subgenre will always be a part of horror, hopefully always searching for fresh blood and re-invention. Like the creatures themselves, after all, the genre is always on the hunt for new material.

So how well do you know your vampire films? Take the quiz and find out.

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