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Can You Name The Popular Actors In these Pre-Fame Roles?


OK, movie fans it’s time to see how well you pay attention. It’s really easy to know that Tom Hanks was the star of Splash in 1984. But what actor more famous for his work in the American Pie movies also appeared in that film? Actors rarely make their debuts in major films. Most of the most popular Hollywood stars filled much smaller roles for at least a short time period before getting their breakthrough part. So we’re here to see how well you know the side characters in famous movies and the actors who played them.

As always, our goal is to offer questions which land somewhere between “duh!” (too easy) and “huh?” (too hard). So, rest assured that you will not be asked to know that Royce D. Applegate played Buckwalter in Splash. That might be a bit much to expect from folks just looking to waste a little time. Enjoy.

By the way, the answer to the question above is Eugene Levy.

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