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Can You Name The Hot Blondes Of Fantasy And Sci-Fi TV?


Television these days offers anything and everything you could ever imagine, and that includes tons of the increasingly popular fantasy and sci-fi shows. They are a dime a dozen lately it seems, which is a good thing. Also a good thing is the fact that they often feature very attractive ladies in lead and supporting roles (and given the nature of the genre, they are often costumed quite nicely). This quiz will test your knowledge on these ladies, more specifically, the blonde beauties who are such important parts of the casts of these fantasy and sci-fi TV shows.

So are you one of the people who watches this type of programming because you appreciate the genre, because there are pretty girls, or a little bit of both? Or have you honestly not even thought about it until now? Don’t fret; this quiz will clue you in to whether you know the fantasy/sci-fi females a little too well, or if you need to pay them more attention. But it is all in good fun. Either way, these shows are great to kick back and relax to, or binge watch obsessively!

And now here we go. How good is your knowledge of the who’s-who of blonde beauties on fantasy and sci-fi TV? Time to find out!

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