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Can You Name The Celebrities In These Mash-Ups?


Have you ever thought that if two celebs were combined it would make your dream person? Or thought that two actors or actresses looked alike? Are you in the know of who’s who in Hollywood? If so, then this quiz is for you?

Celebrities are a guilty pleasure for most and we love to look at pictures of them in magazines or post pictures of them on social media, admiring the artistry that they were born with. Well what if those handsome faces were combined in pairs? Do you think you could tell who was in the picture? Welcome to the world of Celebrity Mashups.

There are some fun sites that you can go to and do Celebrity Mashups such as, which is one we played with and you will see a few of in this quiz. You can select from their existing gallery of celebs or upload a picture. You can even make a Mashup of you and your favorite celeb. The result is good and makes you laugh. There is even an option to see what your baby would look like. Then there’s TheNordicGuy, who uses a specific software that creates unbelievable Celebrity Mashups. They are so seamless it’s hard to figure out where one celeb ends and the next begins.

So do you think you’re going to ace this quiz?

Test your greatness with this Celebrity Mashup quiz. See if you can get 100%. Good luck and may the force be with you.

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