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Can You Name Joey Tribbiani’s Hot Girlfriend?


Each of the characters on Friends had their fair share of relationships and partners during the show’s run, but none like Joey Tribbiani. Joey was the resident ladies man, though his relationships never seemed to last for longer than a single episode, if they even got that far. You see, Joey was never looking for commitment of any sort. It wasn’t that he feared it. He just didn’t actively seek it out. He enjoyed sleeping with new people as often as possible and monogamy wasn’t something he was too interested in. For that reason, he had many, many girlfriends. So many, it became hard to keep track of them all.

Only the most dedicated Friends fan could identify every one of Joey’s girlfriends with no hints. Luckily, this quiz is a multiple choice, so there is at least some help. Still, it won’t be easy. The vast majority of the women on this list actually dated Joey or slept with him, but few were seen in more than one episode. There are a couple of women in this quiz who were never technically Joey’s “girlfriend,” but we included them because they had something special with Joey. So, dig deep into your memory bank. Pull out all your Friends knowledge and see how intimately you know Joey’s sex life.

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