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Can You Match These X-Men With Their Mutant Ability?


The concept of superheroes and supervillains has always been a popular theme for comic books, TV series and feature films. Yet, these characters have often been the product of some sort of alien interaction, scientific experiment gone awry or just an inordinate amount of time and money. While they have been fascinating enough, the X-Men characters put a twist on it by conjuring up the idea of mutation in regular human beings. Whether through a biological mutation in the genes or contact with a supernatural element, the idea that there could be a mutant population living amongst regular human beings resonated with audiences in a huge way. People quickly began to gravitate towards their favorite X-Men character and inevitably began to fantasize about what their preferred mutant ability would be.

Once the X-Men characters were brought to the big screen, people that weren’t as familiar with the comic book stories were able to delve into the world of the mutants. The X-Men film franchise became an instant success and spawned a number of spin-off films. Some of the character portrayals on film were different from the actual storylines from the comic book series but most fans were just happy to see their favorite mutants portrayed on the big screen. Some of the X-Men characters were portrayed by different actors from one film to the next, which gave fans a bit more variety in their favorite characters. While it did spawn a few extra criticisms, that is to be expected since comic book fans can be a tad too critical when it comes to the characters they have come to love over the years. Whether you’re a novice reader of the comics or an avid fan of the films, check out our quiz on the X-Men character’s abilities and see how well you know these beloved mutants.

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