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Can You Match These Villains To The Film Franchise?


Although there are some that feel that even the worst films seem to end up with a sequel or even a third or fourth installment to make it a film franchise, the truth is that not all movies get a chance to continue their storyline. While people are quick to point out horrible film franchises like Clerks (which went on to have three films in the series) or the I Know What You Did Last Summer films, those aren’t exactly the best examples as to which films have deserved to continue their storyline on the big screen. In fact, some of the best films in cinematic history have disappointed audiences by never having blessed the world with a sequel.

In the case of Finding Nemo, it took the studio 13 years to finally come out with a sequel. It took so long for there to even be talks about continuing the story, that many believed that they weren’t ever going to make a sequel. Filmmakers were undoubtedly intimidated to continue the storyline, especially due to the stellar box office success of Finding Nemo. However, the sequel, Finding Dory, became the highest-grossing animated film in U.S. history. While this is a definite happy ending, not all films get their chance at a much-anticipated sequel. In fact, people are still waiting to find out whether or not Bruce Willis ever ultimately donned a full-on superhero costume after the conclusion of M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable or if the aliens ever returned in District 9. Yet, for the films lucky enough to have been made into a full-on franchise, audiences have sometimes forgotten a few aspects here or there. In the case of superhero films or horror stories, audiences can get a bit fixated on the “good guys” and forget all about the villains. Yet, the villains offer the best way to make the heroes show off their full potential. Check out our quiz on some of the biggest villains in film and see if you can match them up with their film franchises.

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