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Can You Match These Superheroes To Their Sidekicks?


Superheroes are impressive and all, but many of them learn the age old lesson that they can’t do it all alone. Just by being meta-human or taking up a costume, they invite challenges to themselves from bad guys all across the universe. As the times escalate, they become outnumbered and outmatched. Because of this, a staple of the comic world is giving an established superhero a young ward or sidekick.

Sidekicks have a way of not only working alongside their heroes, but reminding them of their humanity. It places things in perspective to have someone else out in the field with you at all times. Sidekicks started out as campy little children that would fight crime, but they’ve since evolved into hardened veterans who try to follow in the footsteps of their mentors.

Like anything having to do with comic books, there are so many sidekicks that have been introduced over the years that it is difficult to keep track. There are still many heroes that you probably won’t even recognize have a sidekick. That’s where things get a bit interesting. If you read comics, then this quiz will be a walk in the park for you.

Can you match these superheroes with their sidekicks?

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