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Can You Match These Stars To Their First Movie Roles?


The actors at the top of today’s Hollywood food chain sure tend to cast the impression that they are pristine, untouchable entities, evolved in some way from the average human being. This may or may not be the case (it’s not, FYI), but what we do know is that everyone has to start somewhere. As you’ll find out soon, some of these stars’ faithful beginnings were slippery at absolute best, and embarrassing at absolute worst. Although, some actors managed to snag a pretty promising role in a high quality film, and that solid start spring-boarded them into successful careers. In fact, one of the stars on this list actually landed a leading part in a successful feature film as their first role.

Do you know who that star is? Are you a walking A-List celebrity encyclopedia? Does any modicum of publicly available celebrity information escape your iron clutches? Do you know how all of the hottest Hollywood stars got their first starts? Oh, you do, do you? As much as we’d like to believe you, we’ll still have to put you to the test. Let’s find out what you know for sure. Match these A-list celebrities to their first film roles.

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