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Can You Match The Logos To The Right Superhero?


Superheroes are cool and all, but the only thing more important than a good hero is their symbol. In many instances, their trademark symbol serves as a way of calling them (in Batman’s case) when things get dicey. Furthermore, a symbol can serve as an icon. The moment people see it and recognize it, they know that they are going to be saved because that respective hero is amazing.

One other advantage to giving symbols to superheroes is that it then becomes very easy to create merchandise for them. Just print a Superman logo on a blue t-shirt and it’s much more likely to be sold. While there has yet to be more merchandise based on other heroes like Aquaman, it’s safe to say that the whole symbol thing is a good idea for multiple reasons.

Because of this, there have been countless superhero symbols over the years. Almost every mainstream hero has that one insignia that makes them stand out from the rest. Not all of them do, but the ones that do have them benefit from it greatly. As such, we’d like to challenge to see how many of these symbols you can recognize and match to their respective superheroes.

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