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Can You Match These Kids To Their Famous Mother?


Like mother, like daughter. Like mother, like son. Regardless of gender, sons and daughters often resemble their mothers, whether they want to or not. Genetics is not something we get to choose, and therefore families are many times made up of people who look eerily similar. Then again, they are just as often not. It is really something that depends on the family. I know entire families that look exactly alike, for example, and I also know families that look so unalike I would think them strangers if I didn’t know better.

Celebrities and their children are no exception. Although many kids might love to have a famous parent and all the benefits that that would afford them, some other kids might be embarrassed by it, especially if they look just like their mother or father and are constantly having to deal with that physical comparison, the lack of privacy, and living under a microscope.

Like all things, there are positives and negatives to having a famous parent, and to resembling him or her. This quiz is made up of celebrity women and their children. Do they look alike, or do they not? Can you discern which famous lady is any given child’s mother based solely on one photo? Ready, set, match!

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